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From fly-fishing in the Rocky Mountains, riding beneath the waves in a tourist sub, hanging off the side of the Eiffel Tower, crawling through Vietcong tunnels near Saigon or sipping champagne in a penthouse apartment overlooking New York's Central Park, I've been there.

My diverse experience and dedication to my craft make me a perfect candidate to shoot your documentary or informational series.

I've been working as a videographer since 1985 working primarily with Betacam SP and, more recently, Sony Digital Video, DVCPro50 and Mini DVCam. I also can operate a STEADICAM VIDEO SK. And, of course, I have experience lighting for documentary and some dramatic productions.

My clients include Home and Gardens Television, History Television, Discovery Channel, Outdoor Life Network, CBC, CTV, TSN, NBC, MSNBC and The Weather Network.



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